Wholesalers of quality Australian Hardwood Timbers.

All the timbers milled are now sourced from private land in Queensland

Paulger’s selectively harvest trees to ensure a bright future for the timber industry.

Typically our timbers are air dried for a minimum of 12 months

This slow low temperature drying regime results in premium quality stable timbers with no high temperature drying stresses.

Timbers are produced in a range of sizes

Typically: 5’’ by 2’’, 6’’by 2’’, 6’’ by 4’’,

But also: 8’’ by 8’’, 8’’by 2’’, 10’’ by 2’’,

Plank lengths from 2.4m to 6 m

Paulger’s are wholesalers direct – Timber is supplied rough sawn with minimum order of $500.

All timber Is Green Off Saw, rough sawn and ranges from Fencing Grade to F17.

Large orders (50 + cubic meters) will be determined by supply and availability.

Wholesalers of the following Australian Hardwood Timbers:


  • Spotted gum
  • Spotted gum
  • Tallow wood
  • Narrow-leaved red ironbark
  • Grey ironbark


  • Blood wood
  • Grey gum
  • Yellow Stringy
  • And other class-one in the ground timber
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Paulger’s Rural Fencing was established in 1992 by Brendan Paulger with the aim of producing the best quality fencing and building timbers.
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