Earn Timber Harvesting Royalties from your Private Land

Get a Free Paulger on-site Timber Appraisal

Paulger’s provide a Free timber appraisal containing a harvest plan, a conservative estimate of the amount and value of the timber to be harvested, how the timber will be harvested, the payment process and discussion, based on years of local experience, on how the regeneration will happen after the harvest.

The Paulger Contract based on actual Cubic Metres

The Paulger Contract will state what will be harvested, how, and when and how the Royalties will be paid based on actual Cubic Metres of timber harvested and grade of log. This ensures you are fully paid for the timber extracted.

The Paulger Reputation as a Timber Buyer

Paulger’s are a reputable harvester. As well as paying a good price, a quality harvesting job will be done that ensures Environmental Consideration and regeneration. Paulger’s have third-party certification of their business and harvest practices from DAF with an A Rating Report.

Environmental Consideration with Hardwood Timber Harvesting by Paulger’s

All Hardwood Timber Harvesting by Paulger’s follows strictly the guidelines set down by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF). Paulger’s have an A Rating with DAF.

DAF guidelines determine that native forestry harvesting is conducted by selective harvesting of merchantable trees and not by using clear-fall or coupe operations. The native forest naturally regenerates following harvesting.

The main commercial timber tree species include:

  • Spotted gum
  • Narrow-leaved red ironbark
  • Grey ironbark
  • Blackbutt
  • Gympie messmate
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Queensland landowners can receive good market value for their standing timber on their properties. Timber harvesting can also be a great tool for accomplishing a variety of forest goals, including: improving forest health and wildlife habitat, building recreational trails, and producing income.
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